About Us

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The Self-Guided PiRat Ghost History Hunt is a great new way to get active and get learning at the same time! Our app features folklore stories and true accounts of North America’s most interesting history from a variety of sources, including out-of-print books and oral histories. Whether you’re looking for tales of the coolest pirates, treasure, ghosts, villains, or creatures, the PiRat app has you covered. There are already over 350 adventures in Nova Scotia alone!

Our team of recent university and college graduates have created a Histo-Caching experience that allows adventurers like you to discover folk stories at relevant outdoor locations. To unlock a story, just choose an adventure from PiRat’s in-app map and take a walk, drive, hike, or bike to the indicated point. Some locations are tucked away on scenic trails, while others are more accessible in town and city centers. 

Don’t miss the chance to take photos with a pirate or the Grim Reaper! Completing each History Hunt unlocks an AR, or augmented reality character that you can place and photograph anywhere you like. Once captured, your AR items are stored in the Treasure Chest for you to revisit at anytime.

PiRat Ghost History Hunt is still a work in progress, and our team is working hard to bring users a fun and educational experience. To date, over 20 Nova Scotians have contributed to the app, creating digital features that bring our stories to life. Our goal? To turn your phone into an interactive time-machine!

So what are you waiting for? Download PiRat Ghost History Hunt today to explore history outside!