Snap a photo alongside Blackbeard or show off your booty with PiRat’s premier Augmented Reality experience!

Each complete PiRat Ghost History Hunt unlocks a unique story and an interactive AR character. Using the app and your mobile device’s camera, you can take eye-catching photos with scallywags, grim reapers, and more.¬†

Want to show off your treasures again? View them in PiRat’s in-app Treasure Chest¬†at any time.

Can you collect them all?

Can you find the Black Hole Mystery Cave?

This protected freshwater spring was a prime hideout for Norwegian pirates looking to hide their plunder from prying eyes. In the 1960s, a few lucky Americans uncovered part of this treasure near the top of the “Haunted Falls”, but if rumours are to be believed, many riches still lie buried in the sand and silt of this inlet’s shore.

Perhaps you will solve the mystery and find yourself as wealthy as a PiRat! In the meantime, just keep chasing waterfalls…